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Sabena technics Petit déjeuner

23 October 2008 Petit déjeuner

Sabena technics Coctail de Clôture

23 october 2008 Coctail de Clôture du comité flotte 2008

HEADLINES of the interview dated 6th February 2009 with the CEO from Sabena Technics:


...No funds available to pay the bonuses to the employees...

As a reminder to all concerned:

In October 2008, a large delegation from (the happy few?) Sabena Technics stayed at the Interconti Hotel Resort in Tahiti (Papeete (French Polynesia)

On the 23rd of October, the invitation sign for the “reunion Petit dejeuner” in the Salon Tipannier was photographed by a curious visitor.

The same night, the invitation to the “Coctail de clôture du comité flotte 2008” was photographed.

Before diner, a Polynesian dancing group entertained the SABENA TECHNICS guests (and their spouses).

Those who were there, know who were there, isn't it ?

French Polynesia is an island group situated in the Pacific. Interesting to know, an economy ticket in high season with Air France, starts from 1.500€ per person. The price of the room in a *****star hotel can easily be tracked on the hotel website.

The interview on Monday last (7th June 2010), a week before the Federal Elections in Belgium, made it clear to the informant, that Mrs. Vervotte was taking the piss out of the public. Hence this fingerpointing at the politicians.

--Lars Washington 09:22, June 10, 2010 (UTC)